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causes of breast sagging

Reasons for Sagged breast

1. Mismanaged breastfeeding: It is largely assumed that a woman’s breasts tend to sag after pregnancy and breastfeeding, and this is entirely understandable because of the release of some hormones and the secretion of milk which could increase the size of the breasts.

In fact, some people assume that with the way the baby draws the nipples in the process of suckling the mother’s breasts, the breasts would lose firmness and end up being droopy afterwards.

But those assumptions may not be true. According to a gynaecologist, Dr. Bolanle Shukra-Okesina, women can retain the firmness of their breasts even after breastfeeding, depending on how the woman manages the breasts during and after the period.

She said, “Breastfeeding per se does not make the breasts to sag. If the woman uses the appropriate bra size and she takes enough of fluid, especially water, when breastfeeding, the breasts will not sag, even after breastfeeding. Also, during pregnancy, the woman is expected to change the size of her bra as the breasts increase in size. She is supposed to use the appropriate size at every stage because the breasts need to be supported by a firm bra.

“When the milk stops after breastfeeding, the breasts would on their own go back to their normal size. So, if the woman does the right thing, the breasts have no reason to sag

2. Crash diet – This factor particularly applies to women who are watching their weight and are doing everything to lose some weight, especially people who are obese, because according to Shukra-Okesina, losing weight could make the breasts to sag.

She said in the process of losing weight, a breast would also give up its fat and some ligaments and if the diet is deficient of fat and some calcium-building elements, it would eventually sag.

“If a woman who is watching her diet is not taking balanced diet, perhaps to lose some fat, it can make the breast to sag,” she explained.

Furthermore, a breast surgeon and president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Michael Edwards, in his piece on Women’sHealth, said, “Each time a woman gains and loses weight, breast tissue becomes slack.” .

He also believes that excessive exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun could take its toll on the breasts by stretching out the connective tissues and damaging the skin.

3. Wrong bra size: One other factor that has been found to influence the firmness or otherwise of the breasts is whether women use the bra that is appropriate for their breast size.

According to the gynaecologist, the breasts would likely sag if women with (relatively) big breasts do not use the size of bra that can lift the breasts and keep them in position.
And for women who wear the kind of bras that make the breasts to shake, perhaps to appear buxom, Edwards warned that the more the breasts bounce around, the more the skin of the breasts and collagen would be stressed, eventually leading to sagging.

Thus, women should wear bras that keep the breasts intact and in shape.
4. Smoking: This act has been found to have serious adverse effects on the human system, especially the functionality or efficiency of some internal organs, but not many would know when women smoke, it tends to have some effects on their breasts. Edwards had this to say, “Any amount of smoking weakens and ages skin by decreasing the blood supply to the skin surface, and the breasts are not spared in this.” and according to a consultant endocrinologist, Dr. Olamoyegun Michael, smoking weakens the ligaments that hold the breasts, which could ultimately lead to sagging.

5. Wrong exercise: No doubt, exercise is good for the body, and people across all age groups are advised to engage in it.
In fact, there are exercises that help to make the breasts firm, including push-ups and lifting dumbbells. But it has been found that some exercises are inimical to the firmness of the breasts, especially running.

Findings show that when a woman is running and she is not wearing the appropriate bra, like a fitted sports bra, the breasts would naturally be moving up and down, which can lead to the breakdown of the connecting tissues, leading to sagging eventually.

For those who are able to, findings have also shown that weight lifting also helps to make the breasts firm as it strengthens the muscles underlying the breasts. So, if you have the capacity, try it.
There are myths surrounding breasts sagging, and among them are excessive suckling or fondling and abstinence from bra. But according to Olamoyegun, suckling the breasts or fondling them does not lead to sagging.

In effect, doing the needful while breastfeeding, eating balanced diet and in reasonable quantity, avoiding too much exposure to sunlight, abstinence from smoking and doing the right exercises could reduce the likelihood of sagging.

Why most women have different breasts sizes

It could sound strange to some people, especially men, that a woman’s two breasts, and in fact, most women’s breasts are different in sizes. This is more so for men because some do not pay attention to it inasmuch as it doesn’t affect their activities in any way. But, no doubt, it is a major concern for some women who have noticed it.

Even though it is not applicable to all women, most women have different sizes of breasts. It is called asymmetry, and people wonder what could be the cause.
When asked, Dr. Olamoyegun, a consultant endocrinologist, said there is nothing abnormal if a woman has different breasts sizes. Thus, there is nothing to worry about.

He said, “It is normal and it is not a symptom of any ailment. It is not all women, but most of them. It may not be very conspicuous but  a woman would notice if the sizes of her breasts differ.”

According to Prof. Arpana Naik, a surgeon at Oregon Health and Science University Portland, Oregon, more than half of all women have (slightly) different sizes of breasts.

She said, “No one really knows what causes breasts to develop differently from one another, but possible contributors include hormonal changes or traumatic injuries. For instance, one report in the medical literature describes two cases of breast asymmetry that developed as the result of injuries the girls received to their “breast bud” area during gymnastics when they were 10 and 11.

“Generally, however, slight differences in a woman’s breasts are of no concern. If the differences are greater than one bra cup, size, however, they may cause some psychological distress, particularly during adolescence, when a young woman’s body and psyche are already changing so rapidly.

“However, sudden or recent differences in breast size due to underlying breast masses should be evaluated by a breast surgeon.”

She also advised that women should always go for breasts examination, whether they have the same breasts size or not.

For those who are not comfortable with the different sizes, she had this to say, “In the rare instance that the asymmetry causes such distress that your doctor recommends surgery, talk to the surgeon about breast reduction, rather than implants.

“Studies find that women with asymmetry who undergo reduction are generally more satisfied than those who have implants.”

Friday, October 21, 2016

tonto dikeh ex boyfriend beefing her over new car gift

Why is Tonto Dikeh ex beefing her naa

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh couldn’t stop herself from showering praises on her husband, Mr. Oladunni Churchill for getting her 2 Lexus jeeps. One for her personal use (a 2017 model) and the other for security reasons.
 I guess Her ex-boyfriend Malivelihood , Michael Awujoola d luxury  designer  was obviously smitten by this expression of happiness that he posted this.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nigerian couple who met in commercial bus 8 years ago, will wed this weekend

Soon-to-wed couple, Bello Oboh and fiancee Misspoza who met in a commercial bus in Lagos in 2008, will be getting married this weekend.
According to MissPoza, she was on her way back from the General Certificate Examination (GCE) in Lagos when she unknowingly joined the same bus with her future husband. Then Bello was on IT.

Something about him interested me as he sat close to me in the bus chewing. We got along and became more intimate, he supported and remained true to me throughout my days in school after i gained admission to Delta state (despite the distance).
Eight years after we are getting married. Can’t just appreciate God enough for the man he gave me and for the wisdom to recognize him even when he didn’t look like it.🔥🔥

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after accident pictures of a beautiful lady

She was involved in an auto crash and doctors have been battling to save her life since then. 4 hours ago, Idowu Oyedeji took to her facebook page to thank family, friends, well wishers and above all, God for keeping her alive. Below is what she wrote;

Though words fail me, I just have to say something. I want to show my appreciation and thanks to everyone; friends, family and even those who don’t know me personally, for your tremendous support during my lowest point abd darkest hour.
It was truly overwhelming and I know that there is indeed nothing in the world that I can repay everyone with but from the deepest part of my heart, the unexplainable emotions known to man and the space of eternity, I want to say THANK YOU. Eventhough I was mostly unconscious at the hospital, I felt the wave of prayers, support and love in everyway and I’m eternally grateful.
And to the King Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, only Wise God, be all my thanks and adoration forever and ever, The one without whom I would not be here today.
The life we have is very precious and we should always be thankful for it because I have come to know firsthand the thin line between life and death.
I love you all so much. This would never be enough but thank you once again.
Pls kindly share

After the accident - In the hospital
After the accident – In the hospital
After the accident - In the hospital
After the accident – In the hospital
After the accident - In the hospital
After the accident – In the hospital


Thursday, October 13, 2016

What Men ACTUALLY Want

We all know that there is only one thing men are after. But maybe the definition of what men really want isn’t as obvious as the first thing that comes to mind.
Men want love.
Indeed a man’s deepest desire, his truest need, the source of his passion, is the need to love and to be loved.
It may sound like my little twist nullifies or makes light of a man’s sexual desire. I really hope not. But I think sex is one of the most confronting things for men because it pushes all the buttons here. Many men feel like their sex life can be lacking, and in cases where it is, marriages are often not doing well. Lots of men’s and women’s magazines talk about performance anxiety – his inability to get aroused, or perhaps even just his inability to make her enjoy the time together too. Faking orgasms, viagra, getting the movements right – all of these topics are talked about in abundance in various media.
But for the married man at the centre of the discussion, this can be an area where he feels absolutely destroyed. He feels like a failure, he feels like he is letting his wife down, he feels like he should be better than he is. Even worse if his wife makes light of the issue.
And for the single man who, for lack of better term, whether by choice or by circumstance, “isn’t getting any”, the absence of this form of expression in his life can feel him internally frustrated.
But the key aspects of men’s need to love and to be loved are here exemplified better than anywhere else, and give us some great insight into what men really want. So let’s have a look.
Have their strength respected
Enter reason number one why “performance anxiety” is a horrible struggle for a man. What’s the issue? He is not performing.
A man’s life is constantly gauged by metrics of performance. How many calls he’s made, how many sales have been tallied up, the number of people under his influence, the dollars in his bank account, the level of his salary, how much he can lift, his minutes in the bedroom, the value of his property. When life is constantly subject to expectations of performance, we as men start to derive our value from arbitrary metrics and runs on the board.
In ancient times, a man would have taken value in his strength in battle, his ability to hunt, the level of his provision, the number of livestock in his care, or the numbers in his platoon.
At the centre of this, his strength is questioned, weighed, and measured. And there is nothing more dire for a man than to feel like he’s useless.
What a man wants is to have his strength respected. In a world of performance, he wants to know that his performance is worthwhile. That his performance matters. That the strength that he exerts in the way that only he exerts is valued. This is exactly what love does.
To be a hero
In the same vein, men want to feel like they’re somebody’s hero.
A father who is not the hero of his children is considered by society, and himself, to have failed.
A man who is not using his contributions to further the lives of others is considered selfish and conceited.
We idolize heroic stories of fake comic book characters who discover their power and begin to use it for others. We love sharing stories of firefighters, armed forces, police, and ordinary people who have made sacrifices to further the lives of others.
Men want to be that guy. And men want to feel like they are that guy.
To feel believed in
What use is it to have heroic powers and invest in others if no one believes in you? If a wife doesn’t believe in the ability or direction of her husband, he is indeed a man dead inside. A man who is regarded as useless in his company will begin, or continue, to perform as such. A father who thinks his children don’t believe in him often shrinks back into isolation. A believer who does not know the approval of his God will not be able to operate at the level of his destiny.
There’s a reason why cheerleaders and fans are held of such high value in the realm of sports. It’s because there is unbelievably power released when men are believed in, and they are made aware of it. It is called the Home Advantage. Unfortunately a lot of men don’t feel like their home believes in them. But when home does, look out. He’ll shift into a new gear.
Love takes an ordinary man and slaps an S on his chest. And in turn this love sets him free to show this love to others – the greatest accomplishments of men have been driven by a love for his family, a love for his wife, a love for his country, a love for his calling, a love for his God.
To have someone else believe in the dream
Men are dreamers. They have goals, ideas, visions of the future being greater than it is today. And sometimes in life there are times where they all must stand alone with their dream.
I guess because men get so much value and a sense of validation out of what they do, the way they perceive their dreams is somewhat unique. And when someone else believes in what he believes, when someone else sees the future he sees, and puts their support behind it, the man is free to become himself.
And all of this is summed up in love. Love is the quintessential thing. A woman, a friend, a family, a society, a church, a body of people, who do the above communicate and reach down to a man’s deepest need of being loved.
Men become what you say. They grow into how they’re treated.
And hey, if you were reading this because of the stuff about the bedroom, I hope you can see that all these things are just as true. Sexuality often gives expression to the deepest needs and struggles of the heart.
As always, feel free to share your thoughts below. There is so much to say on the topic and so many more perspectives to consider