Saturday, April 30, 2016

Circulation- Parts of our bodies need circulation in order to be supple and healthy

Circulation- Parts of our bodies need circulation in order to be supple and healthy; such is true for our skin. Facial treatments help to improve and restore circulation to facial skin layers. As a result of circulation, there is an increase in the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to skin cells. When you have that great circulation, you then have that healthy glow to your skin as well as healthy skin!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Tiwa salvage “TeeBillz is addicted to cocaine, he’s in serious debt” –


Tiwa Savage keeps spilling the beans on what led to a breakdown in their marriage.
The songstress in an exclusive interview obtained by Pulse yesterday, Thursday, April 28, 2016 revealed all the nitty-gritty going on in their home.
According to her, “I am dealing with infidelity, cocaine, bad debt and a husband jealous of his wife’s success.”
“I walked in on TJ taking cocaine in my house in 1004 (Victoria Island, Lagos). I didn’t even know he takes cocaine. I walked into the kitchen, and I saw him taking cocaine, so I screamed, and asked if that is cocaine. HE started screaming that ‘What am I doing down here, where is the cocaine?’ How can someone without money take cocaine? I called his parents and complained that I can deal with weed, but cocaine, no. So I am dealing with his alcohol problem, you come home late, infidelity, cocaine, bad debt, jealousy over my success.”
Speaking further on the allegations she revealed their marriage has been full of infidelity, mismanagement of funds and mental abuse.
Tiwa-Savage-interview-1 (1)
She also said they’ve gotten help for the embattled artiste manager several times but he keeps backsliding.
Savage said, “He was getting help at one point when the whole cocaine thing came out. This has been happening for a long time. We get him help and he goes to see a doctor or a pastor, or a counsellor and he uses his own hands to ruin things again. If I didn’t care about him, I wouldn’t be covering up for a lot of things. I wouldn’t be searching for help for him. Even now I am still searching for a way to help him out of his debt.”
Also speaking about her mental abuse, she said, “Everyday all I hear from TJ is that ‘I created you, I took you from nothing, look at you now.

Some Amazing Facts About Human Body

Some Amazing Facts About Human Body

Number of bones – 206
Number of ribs – 24
Number of bones in skull – 22
Number of bones in face – 14
Number of bones in neck – 7
Number of bones in Vertebral column – 33
Number of bones in hand – 30
Respiratory rate – 16-20 times / minute
Number of heart beat – 70-72 times/minute
Number of pulse- 70-72 times / minute
Blood pressure – 120/80 mm of Hg
Number of Cranial nerves – 12 pairs
Number of spinal nerves – 31 pairs
Life span of R.B.C – 120 days
Life span of W.BC – 10-15 Days
Life span of platelets – 5-9 days
Amount of blood – 5-6 L

Teebillz Blasts Tiwa Savage: You F*cked Don Jazzy, Dr Sid And 2Face

Ok Ok, Somebody should try and call Tunji to order ooo. More dirty details continue to emerge from the home of Tiwa Savage and Tunji Balogun as Tunji has taken to his Instagram account this morning to reveal a lot of dirty secrets in their marriage.

He is also claiming Tiwa has slept with several artistes in the industry in a photo she captioned:“With in what period of time did you Fuck jazzy and Dr Sid. And I dint care because the love I have for you. I looked at it that we all have a past even when at this same fucking time you were fucking with 2face.”


Mr Money,Floyd Mayweather Shows Off His Newly Acquired £4million Bugatti Super Cars

You talking money and you talking nonsense....Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather showed off his two new Bugatti Veyron super cars. Mayweather already has an extensive car collection and two private jets… who talk say money no good

Thursday, April 28, 2016


1. LOVE :
The Special Feeling That Makes You Feel Warm And Wonderful. If you Give Love in Abundance U'll get it back enormously.

Treating Others by the same way, You Like to be Treated.
Be Grateful for all the Good Things n Lessons that Life has Offered.
The Full Enjoyment Of Each n Every Moment with Smiling Face.
The Ability To Let go of silly mistakes of people and remain calm.
Feel the real Joy Of Giving Without the Expectation Of Receiving.
The Quality Of Always Telling The Truth will make you a better person and removes the stress of remembering ur lies.
Love yourself. Don't let anyone else to steal your self pride. Walk like a King, or Walk like you don't care whoever the king is..!
The Essence Of Feeling Another's Pain, While Easing Their Hurt.
10. PEACE :
The Reward that you get, when you follow the above 9 Most Important Things of life.

My Wife Knew I Would Not Be Faithful” – Femi Kuti tells it all in New Interview

In a new interview with Zinnia of HFTV Africa, iconic singer Femi Kuti explained why his marriage to Funke Kuti actually failed!
Shedding light on his marriage to Funke, he said “I like women but I don’t have wives. When I was getting married, my wife (Funke) knew I would not be faithful…”
Back in 2011, Femi Kuti in an interview with Encomium, revealed that he filed for divorce from then-wife, Funke because
“I am divorcing her to protect my side of my inheritance, because I have five children. I have to protect the interest of my children. Since we are still legally married, what if I die today? The law will favour my wife. If I don’t divorce her, my children may suffer. What if I die and we have not divorced and then she comes and claims everything?
The other children will not get anything and there will be a big war in my family. I will be dead and my ghost will be saying don’t fight, but they wouldn’t hear what I am saying. We know it happens. My lawyer advised me to think of the future so I quickly regulate my will so no one can disturb my children. You know it happens in our country, when you have children from different women, there’s bound to be stress. So I have to do my will and to do that requires a divorce.”