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things Men distaste from ladies they meet online

1. A crave for material things

As much as it is fun meeting new people who you could share thoughts and ideas with, men do not like it when they meet ladies whose aura reeks of materialism and thirst for money. It is good to be ambitious; but it is a huge turn off for men when they meet ladies who give them the impression all they need and want is money.
Some of these ladies find a way of passing the message across to the men and expect them to do the best they could in order to satisfy their desires.
2. When they see the men as potential ‘maga ’
Most of the ladies in the society are looking for ways of swindling men. The very first thing that comes to their mind is how to milk money from the men they meet. The desire to do this intensifies when they know the financial status of the men and their net worth. Men are conscious of these too and would avoid ladies like that.

3. Irresponsible way of life
Men get to decipher the kind of lifestyle ladies live after chatting with them for a while. Their DPs and personal messages say a lot about the kind of life they are living. Most men have traits they are looking out for in their future partners. As soon as they see that a lady lacks those traits, they could be turned off or tempted to fool around with such ladies.
4. Hostility
Some of the ladies in the society are single because they lack basic manners. Many of these ladies are uncultured ladies who lack discipline. They are either rude or put up an air of insouciance when dealing with people.
Apart from the fact that men are egoistic in nature, they do not like being around with women who would run them down with the words of their mouths.
5. Impatience
Men who are looking out for ladies they want to go into serious relationship with could be slow when it comes to meeting women. They do this in order to get to know the women well before they commit themselves to them.
However, many of the ladies in our society are impatient and do not know when to wait or move on. They are quick to jump into conclusion and move on as soon as they stop feeling the vibes from the men they meet online.
6. Displaying pictures of themselves with other men
Men certainly do not like it when the ladies they like display pictures of themselves with other men; different ideas start to form in their heads as to the number of male friends they keep and the number of guys they might have slept with.
Although these ladies have the right to do whatever they like with their phones and profiles, this attitude drives every responsible man away from them.
7. Stupidity
As much as men are drawn to women who are beautiful and curvy, they do not appreciate women who are unintelligent or dumb. There is no point marrying a bimbo who cannot think and help them make critical decisions.
While men are surfing the internet and connecting with ladies online, they do not want to end up with women who would pull them back or slow down their pace in life.

Type of women Nigeria Men are looking for

1. Home keeper
Nigerian men love to marry women who can help them run their homes. Women they can leave the affairs of their homes to; they would help them run and manage their properties in their absence and would add value to their lives.
Women that are home keepers would raise children the right way and instill core values and morals into their lives at the same time. Men feel more relaxed knowing they have women like that in their lives. Women like these are family oriented.
2. Women they chase hard
Women like that do not fall cheaply into men’s traps. They are virtuous women who know what they want in men and would only settle down with one that has matching dreams and goals with them.
Men recognize the potentials embedded in women like these and would do anything to make them theirs. Women like that are considered treasure mines.
3. Ladies that are intelligent
Honestly, no man wants to marry a dummy. Men love women who are smart and intellectually challenging. Women like these fit into organizational role and would rise fast in their chosen fields of career.
However, men who are not as sound as them may feel intimidated by them and keep off as their ego would always be bruised. Men are naturally proud; they would no doubt want to be in control of women like these knowing how much respect the women like that command in the society.
4. Ladies who are genuine
Some ladies are honest and genuine; when they love, they love in totality. Ladies like these are rare considering how much importance ladies attach to materialism now.
Men want to marry ladies who they know would stick with them through thick and thin. They do not have to worry about the ladies cheating while they are trying to hustle and make something out of their lives.
5. Ladies who are not afraid to invest in them
Men appreciate it when they meet women who are ready to invest in them. Ladies like these understand the concept of the word ‘team’ and do everything they could to make the men rise in the different fields they may want to explore.
Men know that ladies like these would go to any length in seeing them happy and would move mountains for them towards the fulfilment of their life goals.
6. Women that are appealing
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; Nigerian men go for women who are appealing to them. Women like these may not necessarily be the most beautiful woman in the world but would have strong features that would suit the needs of the men.
Men also love it when they meet women who have just more than beauty. They know the traits possessed by the women could get transferred to their offspring so they choose carefully.
7. Consistent and dedicated women
Men love it when they meet women who are as dedicated and committed as they are. Women like these know it is not solely up to men to make relationships and marriages work.
They also contribute their own quota and are keen on the success of the union. Nigerian men want to marry women who would not stop doing that very thing that made the men fall in love with them in the first place.
8. Ladies that are not morally loose
Most men try having their fill of sex with women before they get married; they tore clubs and go after chain of girls that will be ready to give them their cookies. Sometimes, men do not have to try so hard to find women who would be willing to share their beds with them.
However, they appreciate women who are not morally loose. The ladies may not necessarily be virgins; they know they could train the innocent ones until they become the ideal sexual partner they want.
9. Ladies that are classy
Nigerian men love to marry women who fit their social status. They love it when they are seen with women who are classy; women who know how to dress and behave publicly.
Ladies like these do well when it comes to decorating the house and giving it a homey feel. They are a perfect blend of chic and industriousness.
10. Women with voluptuous shape
Sometimes, Nigerian men throw caution to the wind and go the African way; they love big things. Women who have curves, hips and big busts are chosen over every other type of women out there. Some of them like the idea of having their hands full when they touch the women.
They do not want to feel bones when they touch or lie with these women; they would rather go for women that are fleshy. These ones would give them a bouncy feel whenever they lie with them.

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Juliet Ibrahim's Sister share her pre-wedding photos To A Soldier...

Actress Juliet Ibrahim's cute sister Sonia, is set to tie the knot with her soldier man sweetheart. The couple just released their lovely pre-wedding pics and they look good together. See more photos...

Categories Of Ladies You Should Avoid Dating If You Want To Have Financial Breakthrough

The rate at which women drain men financially is high; there are some ladies that would basically wreck you the moment you meet them.

They are always in dire need of money and would always bring up some story as to why they need your financial assistance. Some ladies have made it a point of duty to rob men of their money and have as much as they can from them while they are dating.
Some even go on to milk the men when they have not started dating them. There are various names given to men who are kept for this purpose; some are called maga , some are termed ATM.
It is pathetic knowing that men are often cheated this way and rubbed emotionally in the process. If you want to know how to save as much as you can, then there are certain ladies you should steer clear of. We understand that it may be important for you to be in a relationship, it would also be nice for you to know the groups of ladies that may drain you if you go into that relationship.
Find below the category of ladies you should avoid if you do not want to go broke:
1. Ladies who are always broke.
You should avoid dating ladies like this. They are always broke and would whine and pine about their financial situation as if they are the only people affected by the economy. Dating ladies like this would make you run out of cash quickly as you would be solely responsible for their basic needs.
2. Ladies who are materialistic.
Ladies that are materialistic are always interested in buying things. It does not matter whether they have a green scarf as they would go on buying different shades of green.
Ladies like these are always concerned about their hair, their makeup and would strive for perfection at the expense of your pocket. If you do not want to get broke, avoid dating ladies like these.
3. Ladies who want to know your worth.
Some ladies are so forward; as soon as you meet them, they want to know your worth and would ask questions about your finances. As soon as you meet ladies like these, please run for the love of God as they would not leave you until you have nothing else to spend again.
4. Ladies who are unappreciative.
There are some ladies that are naturally unappreciative; there is nothing you do for them that would make say thank you. As a matter of fact, they have a way of making men feel they have not done enough because there are other men out there who could do more.
If you meet a woman who is like this, do not spend a minute trying to see if you could date her, move on as soon as possible.
5. Ladies who act nice only when you give them money.
Another group of ladies you should avoid dating are those ladies that become sweet when you give them money. They bring up all sorts of pet names and start to croon over you as soon as they see you with money.
Ladies like this cannot withstand the test of time as the clause ‘for better for worse’ does not apply to them.
6. Ladies who are hungry.
An interesting group of ladies you should avoid are those who have an excessive craving for food. They would always want to meet you at the restaurants and order far more than they can eat. They are greedy; once they identify you as a potential maga , they would invite their friends the next time you ask them out on a date. That means you are on a money spending spree.
7. Ladies who are sexually hyperactive
Another group of ladies you should avoid totally are those who are sexually hyperactive. While many men would kill for the opportunity to date ladies like that, they are also at risk of being drained financially.
If you cannot take care of them, they would move on to other men who can. And that would only happen after you must have spent a fortune 
taking care of them financially.

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World oldest prostitute and her charges

Sheila Vogel-Coupe, entertains 10 clients a week. She is said to be the oldest prostitute known in the world.
Dressed to impress: The naughty Sheila wears a mini-shirt and suspenders
According to Mirror Uk, the 85-year-old grandma cashes in a whopping £250 (N104, 000)per hour with her ashawo business. She was said to have gone into prostitution about 4 years ago after the death of her second husband, citing loneliness as the reason for her new business venture.
With the rate 10 clients per week, Sheila has surprisingly saved up unimaginable amount of cash. Speaking about her male clients, she said:
They see something about me. It is a nice feeling. I know I am very, very sexy.”
Granny on the game: Sheila Vogel-Coupe is still entertaining clients
Dressed in a mini-skirt and suspenders along with black patent heels, the naughty nan admits that she still gets her kicks out of her bedroom romps. Explaining why she she has taken her career in that direction, she said: “The most important reason is because I love sex. Even thinking about it makes me feel better.”
Sheila is the grandmother of former X Factor contestant Katie Waissel. She candidly Told Mirror Uk about her bedroom romps and how her family reacted negatively to it. When the news broke, they asked Sheila to give up her new job but she told them she would carry on regardless. Shelia has become estranged from her family since then. Yet, she is solid in her resolve to live her life how she sees fit, and publicly made a plea seeking understanding and reconciliation from her loved ones.