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how to register on zarfund bitcoin currency and everything you need to know

What is Zarfund ?

Zarfund is a complete teamwork based person to person funding and donation sharing platform. It helps to bring a new way of raising funds for various causes, charity programs.

 Zarfund program is so much viral that their scam chances are almost zero or prettylow because the company gets profit when lots of members join the program , and if the company is getting profit then there is no reason to scam.
Not to Mention : ZarFund is a Low-risk program posses both up and downs but you’ll less likely to loose your investment ($18) here if you gather more referrals.

How does Zarfund program actually works ?

At first, ZarFund members voluntarily pays their referral in form of donation to participate in this program i.e invited persons actually pays to their referral and the program is full of referring sytem filled with 6 level stage per month.
Since all the transaction system ( donating and receiving) is done via Bitcoin – a digital crytocurrency so you must own a Bitcoin wallet (like Blockchain) where you can receive and collect your funds.
As the matter of fact, Zarfund matrix program model is forced to 2×6 structure, which works only with Bitcoins.
Bitcoin is an innovative open source payment network which uses peer-to-peer technology to operate in public where central authority or banks have controls over it because nobody owns bitcoin though anyone can take part.

Here, I’ve given the simple steps for you to learn how to participate at Zarfund and activate your account.
Before joining, you should have Bitcoin Wallet from with balance atleast 0.031 because some amount of deduced as a transaction fee.

How to join Zarfund Program ?

1)you will need to get your own bitcoin wallet....i.e from or from play store...and get it funded wit 0.03 bitcoin

2) get a link to connect you to zarfund.... call +2348035484433 to get the link to the next downline on zarfund

3)sign up for zarfund by simply filling the the form ZarFund is a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieve More ) Work Program

4)link your blockchain to the zarfund

5)upgrade to your first level by donating the 0.03bitcoin...that how the journey to financial fortune begin

call +2348035484433 if you need help on this

Start 2 x 2 Upgrade Strategy for Profit
At first, you need 2 referral who are willing to participate in this group. (Place your other willing participants under your first 2 referred participants so as to fill the downline (strengthen the base), if you get enough participants to join with you ).
Estimated Profit Calculation of ZarFund System
LEVEL 1 : 2 x 0.03btc
= 0.06btc – 0.05btc (Upgrade to Level 2)
= 0.01btc profit / month = $6.97

LEVEL 2 : 4 x 0.05btc
= 0.2btc – 0.1btc (Upgrade to Level 3)
= 0.1btc profit / month = $60.97

LEVEL 3 : 8 x 0.1btc
= 0.8btc – 0.2btc (Upgrade to Level 4)
= 0.6btc profit /  month = $365.83

LEVEL 4 : 16 x 0.2btc
= 3.2btc – 1btc (Upgrade to Level 5)
= 2.2btc profit / month = $1341.38

LEVEL 5 : 32 x 1btc
= 32btc – 2btc (Upgrade to Level 6)
= 30btc profit / month = $18291.60

LEVEL 6: 64 x 2btc
= 128btc profit / month = $78044.16


remember in zarfund the donation from your pocket is only once,,,which is that for 0.03bitcoin after that you dont put in even a dime from your pocket...

what are you waiting for

on your mobile phone ...

click on the link below to join the group for your link or for any question you need answer to....working as a team make it all an easy job,dont work alone


Banana is extremely nourishing for the skin, because it contains Vitamins B and C and is a rich source of potassium. In fact, potassium helps to soften the skin. It also tightens and tones the skin. Bananas can be made into a pulp and applied on the skin, or added to face

It's all in your mind !!!

It's all in your mind !!!

Every situation that comes in our way has got a positive aspect , an opportunity associated with it , no matter how difficult that situation may be . And the reverse is also true . Every situation has got some difficulties along with it . The biggest challange lies in front of us is how to exploit the situation & make it in our favor . The tragedy is that you never know what to expect in the coming time . You are always doubtful about what next . 

If it's an ideal situation , still you have to be focused & up to the mark to take it in your advantage & to make the most of it .But you can't expect those situations everytime . In fact , those are very rare situations to be expected in life . You can't expect them every time .

Now , the biggest issue is , how you will extract the best out of any critical situation . It all depens on your mind setting , your attitude towards the situation , your approach to take it as a challange .

The first imporyant quality of mind is your optimism which has the power to illuminate your path even in the darkest of times . Make it so strong that it starts to see the positives in every situations of life .

The next most vital part is your will power . It is the strength of your will power which can turn the minimums into maximums . Try to achieve that will power which can turn your life into miracles . Which can make a big score starting from zero .

Be determind enough that no failure in life can't turn your vision from the ultimate vision of life . Determination is that strength which provides you the ability to continue even after any major setbacks . Continue the chase towards your dreams no matter what happens in your surroundings .

Persistence is your endurance to stay motivated even in the hardest of times .It is that unique power of mind to stay with the same motivation level no matter how worse the situation you are going through .

Your patience is that quality which enables you to stay focused without losing hope during the course of your long journey towards your goal . Patience makes you to believe that your goal is in a hand touching distance even when it is a thousand mile . So keep moving forward .

So , its all in your approach !!!
Its all in your mind !!!

" When the mind is weak

Situation is a difficulty ...

When the mind is stable
Situation is a challange ...

When the mind is strong
Situation becomes

Secrets You Need To Stop Keeping From Your Husband

There are some secrets that should be kept from your partner. They’re not going to hurt him and could help to keep the peace. However, there are certain things people say or that you do that you really need to own up to and share with your love. This helps to deal with the situation and move on from it. Working as a team is much better.
 1. When There’s Financial Problems You've maxed out all your credit cards on your spending. This is an issue for the household as a whole, so you need to fess up. Explain to your partner in a gentle way and be upfront about what has caused it. This will not only stop him from overspending—or not being able to buy a necessity—it will also help you deal with it and your possible-spending problem. 
2. You’re Drinking By Yourself There’s nothing wrong with having an afternoon out with the girls. Your husband will want you to have some fun, like you want him to. However, if you’re drinking alone it’s a sign that there is a problem. You need to talk to him about this. He will find out eventually, and probably not from you, so you need to be upfront so he can help. 
3. Resentment From The Last Argument There’s something he said previously and it’s been eating you up inside. The feeling is turning into resentment but you’re trying to put on a smile every time you see him. You can’t let these feelings go unspoken. Talk to your partner about it and tell him why it upset you. Try to keep calm. He doesn't know what you've been feeling so you can’t blame him for being surprised. 
4. You've Told The Kids Something You Shouldn't When there is something going on between you, it’s better to shield the kids. However, they pick up on things or you may say something without really meaning to. You need to let your husband know about this, so he’s ready for any questions and so the children don’t need to keep secrets themselves. 
5. He’s Not Satisfying You You could be having trouble in the bedroom, or you may be struggling in your relationship altogether. It’s really important to be upfront about this. You may think that bottling up works and the feelings of being unsatisfied will go away, but that hardly ever happens. If he doesn't know, nothing will change. You need to tell him so you can both discuss your feelings and thoughts on the relationship. You never know; he may feel the same.
 6. You Have Skeletons In Your Closet About To Come Out Everyone has a past. You may have people from your past who you've never spoken to your husband about, but they’re coming back into your life. It’s best to let him know about them and whether there are dangers or anything that may happen. If he knows, he’ll be able to help you through it and be prepared should those skeletons come knocking at your door.

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height is usually determined by your father. Intelligence,
 emotional strength and body shape is determined by the mother.
prove me right or wrong